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The Players

Daniel Sunde Vocalist and frontman de luxe. He has extensive experience in many bands and sings today also with Saints & Sinners. Daniel is a nice guy who lifts Karma Fire with his beautiful voice and charisma both in studio and live.
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Terje Husa
Guitarist, primus motor, producer and songwriter. He has extensive experience in many bands but his focus today are 110% on Karma Fire.
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Harald Rossetnes
Drummer and owner of the studio Bondetamp Productions, where part of the drums to Karma Fire was recorded. Harald is a kind and caring wizard man on drums, he makes most styles with greatness both in studio and live.Harald's style and class shines through with Karma Fire and elevates us. He has played in so many constellations and bands that it is not possible to mention all, but. '' Hired gun '' to all styles.
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Terje Lennavik
Bass, recording engineer, owner of Lite Studio were much of Karma Fire's debut album is recorded.The whole record is also mixed by Terje in Lite Studio. Extensive experience in bands and many constellations, he is best known as one of the driving engines and songwriters in Norwegian rock act Podium.
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Thorleif Østmoe
Keyboards, backing vocals. also a member in the Norwegian rock band Lucid Dreams and HUSH. He is an accomplished contributor to Karma Fire.
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