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Karma Fire

KARMA FIRE is an exciting new Nordic rock act. To cover the studio based element of this project, Terje Husa (guitarist/producer) has assembled a set of adept musicians - Daniel Sunde (vocals), Terje Lennavik (bass), Thorleif Østmoe (keyboards/ backing vocals) and Harald Rossetnes (drums).
He has also made use of the production/mixing skills of Tommy Newton (Helloween, UFO, Kamelot). Influences include the likes of Van Halen, Steve Vai, TNT and Starset. Their debut LP The Shadow is out now.


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The Karma Fire music is inspired by the band having different inspirations from the music world, from many trends and genres dating back to the 70's. But the songs are written on a foundation of Heavy Rock.

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And you must experience Karma Fire live. They give 110% all the way!

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